About us

Totalmar Servicios Náuticos was born in 2003 with the intention of offering an integrated service, at that time non-existent in the nautical sector, both at the level of individual users and companies.

Our experience includes work in all areas of the naval sector, engineering, carbon fiber manufacturing and composite materials in general, design, training, construction management and control, maintenance and modifications of vessels, as well as consultancy in any of these fields.

Do you want this boat?

Surely you think that a racing boat built entirely with carbon fiber is very expensive and does not fit in your pocket, are you sure?

YOU PUT THE PRICE, according to the chosen equipment.

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Regata Villa de Gijón 2014 barco T42R visto de proa

Materials for sale

Núcleos para composite espumas y madera balsa


Core-cell  SAN sheets P500  1065 x 2185mm. Bleeder holes. Thickness: 30mm. Density: 100  kg/m3.

Núcleos para composite espumas y madera balsa


Core-cell SAN sheets P500 de 1065 x 2185mm. Bleeder holes. Thickness:  25mm.  Density 80  kg/m3.

Foto tejido fibra vidrio


ALUTEX metallic imitation aluminum fiberglass 1270mm wide 200gr/m² 2×2 twil.

Fibra carbono unidireccional


U-D carbon fiber fabric  TORAY 320 gr. (unidirectional T-700), rolls of 98m. linear x 500 mm wide.